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"The VISIOFLOOR slab range has been specially designed to secure environments and enhance the image of companies using our products." Security - Information - Aesthetic - Quality. Thanks to a unique printing process that conbines PVC tiles performances and UV inks quality, VISIOFLOOR is an original and exceptional way of communication.
Since 2018, TLM accompanies the big YAMAHA brand in the creation of its new visual identity. Showroom, mechanical workshop or carpet presentation, TLM has been able to match the various constraints (heavy pedestrian traffic, handling of chemicals ...) encountered in more than 40 concessions
Available in 10 colors, 3 technical options (TraficFloor Antistatic, TraficFloor ESD, TraficFloor Great Cold) and a recycled version (TraficFloor Eco), the TRAFICFLOOR tile has been tested to meet the most stringent requirements (VOC, anti-slip, scratches, indentation, ...). It is the only interlocking PVC tile, with the TRAFICLINE tile, to benefit from a CSTB laboratory performance ranking.