Film-Forming Resins

High Performance Epoxy or Polyurethane Resin

Ideal for the protection and renovation of industrial and collective floors, our floor resins offer a great mechanical and chemical resistance and a wide choice adapted to the needs and requirements of each environment, according to the sector of activity and the type of premises. treat.

Depending on the chosen coating system, the application of our industrial floor resins can be carried out directly by the user or by a licensed professional. Do not hesitate to ask our technical team for advice in order to realize your project !

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Technical characteristics

  • Marking and signaling on the ground, protection against acid products ...
  • Wide variety of finishes and colors
  • Resin floors apply to the roll
  • Application by the user or by a professional. Contact us for personalized advice.

Our products Film-Forming Resins

Neopox Color
Epoxy Resin for tinted film finish
Epoxy Resin 100% solvent-free / odorless
Anti-acid floor varnish
Neopox Incolore
Epoxy Resin for colorless film finish
Topcolor Yellow Opacifying Security
Polyurethane Resin for yellow tinted film finish
Polyurethane Resin for colorless film finish
Polyurethane Resin for tinted film finish
Polyurethane Resin for film finishing
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